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Yearbook Picture Information

Please see the information below regarding our yearbook pictures with HR Imaging.

 Half of our classes will take their yearbook picture on April 13th and the other half will take their yearbook picture on April 15th.  *Please see the bottom of this email to know which classes take a picture on the 13th and which classes take a picture on the 15th.


FULL REMOTE STUDENTS will take their picture after hours by alpha and must self-certify before entering the school.  *This is optional for full remote students.  If you choose to take a yearbook picture, please send your child to Door A AFTER self-certifying your student.  Staff will take him/her to the gym for a picture then bring the student back outside.

April 13th: A-L Students at 1:30PM

April 15th: M-Z Students at 1:30PM

* This information is also getting sent out in a ConnectED, will be on our website, Facebook and Twitter, and the Parent Newsletter



Q: Do all In-Person students take a yearbook picture?  A: Yes

Q: Do all remote students have to come to CE after hours to take a yearbook picture?  A: No, it is optional.

Q: Will we have parent volunteers this year?  A: No, the whole class will go down at the scheduled date/time with the homeroom teacher.


IN-PERSON Picture on April 13th:


-Kennedy AM AND PM

-Milano AM


-First Grade

-Second Grade


IN-PERSON Picture on April 15th:


-Milano PM

-Third Grade

-Fourth Grade

-Fifth Grade


*If you have any questions, please email your child's teacher.



Dr. Hennegan


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