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The purpose of our Physical Education and Health program is to contribute to each student's growth and development in the physical, mental, and social domains through a movement-based curriculum. We will strive to accomplish this through:

  • Establishing a positive and respectful environment in which all students are capable of succeeding
  • Creating expectations that challenge students
  • Development of character, integrity, and self-esteem within each student
  • Providing opportunities for students to learn core content through various games, activities, and/or assessments
  • Application of core content to life outside of school to make learning more valuable
  • Encouragement and motivation of our students to be the best they can be

Kids Heart Challenge

Central PE $500


2019 2020 Run Club Form

Jump Rope For Heart

Save the Date flyer and general info

JRFH Magnet info

2019 Sports Day Information

Station Map -  2019 Sports Day station map

Schedule - 2019 Final Sports Day Schedule

Volunteer Assignments - 2019 Sports Day Volunteer Assignments

Staff Assignments - 

Station Explanations - 2019 Sports Day station directions (with break times)